The Viperbite Grapple

Rugged construction:


Tines are cut from QT100 1/4inch steel plate


PARKER supplies the main working component ( electro-hydraulic actuator)



No hydraulic oil leaks, hoses and quick couplers to mess with.


Why a Grapple?


A grapple fork is to your loader bucket as your thumb or fingers are to your hand. So many chores around the farm, acreage, garden or market garden need to be done and a grapple has the clamping action to get the lifting, bunching, raking jobs done quickly and effortlessly.


The viperbite grapple is light enough for the 1023e and tough enough for the 3046R.  It's the only plug-and-play grapple on the market designed for the quick-attach bucket on the John Deere compact and sub-compact line of tractors. Initial installation onto the bucket  takes a mere half hour or so and if you decide to take it off temporarily, then puling several pins will remove it in seconds.


A hydraulic cylinder consists of a very compact 12 volt reversing motor which runs a gear pump creating the needed pressure to move the ram in and out. The wiring harness that comes with this attachment consists of a reversing solenoid and a weather proof toggle switch that mounts on the joy-stick. This rugged, low profile grapple weighs under 100 pounds and is a must for every tractor owner who needs to get things done the right way.





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